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Shipping Policy

You hereby agree and accept to provide accurate shipping address (with full address including area, pincode and nearest land mark) during the order placement.

The ownership, title or risk of loss of the products may pass on to you upon delivery of the ordered materials / products by the vendors / logistics providers / manufacturer.

You can track the order status, if the same has been provided by the shipment / logistics providers. You may contact or call us to know the status of your order.

Your shipment may contain the documents

  • Copy of the order invoice ( Original copy can be downloaded from your account profile and copy would be sent to your email id)
  • Copy of the delivery note ( Quantities to be check on receival spot, Any missing quantities should be raised immediately to the logistics provider or
  • User manual if any provided by the manufacturer
  • Material Test Certificates, if any provided by the manufacturer
  • Installation Manuals, if any provided by the manufacturer.
  • Warranty Cards ,if any provided by the manufacturer.

The delivery date mentioned is an estimated date. smaarthomes cannot provide you the delivery guarantee on the estimated  scheduled delivery date.

You accept and agree the is not liable whatsover for the timely delivery or otherwise, of the ordered materials/ products to your shipping address at any and all times.

The shipping for building materials (sand, cement, steel, blocks, bricks, plumbing, electrical, marble etc..) would be done to ground level (Not more than 25 Feet from the road/ gate to the storage location). An additional shipping cost will be charged by the smaarthomes / vendor / logistic partners if delivery is to be made above ground level.

For any reasons, you would want to postpone the shipment date, smaarthomes has the right to retain the cost of handling and storage cost during this time to the hold the material / products at the smaarthomes warehouses locations / logistics partners.

smaarthomes reserves the right to withhold / cancel the order without delivery, retaining the difference between the invoice price and current price as well as all storage, handling and shipping charges, and taxes applicable on all of the above.

You will be responsible to give an safe environment, legal address and accessible pathway to deliver the shipment. Failing to provide such, shipping charges will be charged with other taxes if any.

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